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Words Of Wisdom: The Chateau Blog

At Chateau Briand, we take pride in our ability to stage all events with grace and luxuriousness—along with a modern touch that will keep your guests talking long after your stunning event's conclusion. To help your party achieve that level of success, we present this blog as a valuable resource for anyone looking for event guidance. From top trends in food and fashion to the perfect party playlist and beyond, the Chateau Briand blog will engage readers and inspire unforgettable events.

How To Plan A Valentine's Day Long Island Wedding

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year—and a perfect day for a Long Island wedding!

winter honeymoon

The Best Destinations For A Winter Honeymoon

A dreamy winter honeymoon is the perfect way to follow up your nuptials at a Long Island wedding venue.

spending xmas with family

Celebrating The Holiday Season With Your New In Laws

Getting married means starting a new tradition of spending the holidays with your in-laws.

christmas wedding

How To Plan A Chic Holiday Wedding

Holiday-inspired weddings can be as classy as you wish—just be sure to add a few of these chic elements.

winter cocktail-1

Festive Holiday Wedding Cocktails

A winter wedding gives you the chance to pour forth holiday-themed signature cocktails.

children wedding

Your Guide To Inviting Children To A Wedding (Or Not)

Your Long Island wedding can still be a fancy affair even when you must invite children to the party.

wedding budget

Where To Start Your Budget Plan For A Long Island Wedding

Before spending any money on your wedding, you need to organize and prioritize all of the variables of your nuptials.


How To Choose The Wedding Dress Of Your Dreams

Purchasing the perfect wedding dress is one of the perks of getting married—but make sure you go into it as a well-informed shopper.


Creative Ideas For The Best Wedding Favors

Ensure your guests enjoy the exit as much as the entrance with these creative wedding favor ideas.


Fall Wedding Combos You Might Want To Steal

For a seasonal flair in your wedding, look to these color combinations when planning your special day.

wedding website

Why You Need A Wedding Website

With people spending more and more time online, a wedding website is a crucial component to the nuptial-planning process.

wedding tv2

Television's Very Best Wedding Episodes

Weddings offer a wealth of drama, and that’s why some of television’s greatest episodes are centered on nuptials.


The Rules Of Engagement On Social Media

The etiquette and rules to telling your online community that you are going to tie the knot.

wedding planning stress

Best Ways To Cope With Wedding Stress

Wedding planning is exceedingly stressful—but there are steps you can take to ensure your mental health remains intact after the nuptials have concluded.

breaking bread

New, Old, Borrowed, Blue: Origins Of The Most Curious Wedding Traditions

The meaning behind some wedding traditions have been lost to time, yet they are still practiced by plenty of people.


What Should Guests Wear To Your Late-Summer Wedding

Some guests have a hard time figuring out what to wear to a late summer wedding. Help them out with a few constructive suggestions.


Chateau Briand Is Sweet On Wedding Desserts

Chateau Briand’s desserts will leave a sweet taste in your mouth following your Long Island wedding.


Finding The Outfit That Best Suits Your Groom

There are many types of suits for grooms, but what are the main ways a man can look his best at his wedding?


A Summer Wedding That Shines Bright Like A Diamond

There are a million reasons to hold your wedding in June. Follow this list of summer wedding tips to get the most out of your special day.


All Night Long: The Ultimate Wedding Playlist

Chateau Briand’s entertainment vendors crank up the volume with the best songs to keep the party going at your wedding.


Summer Wedding Cocktails

Creative cocktails take your wedding bar menu beyond traditional beer and wine, into the world of high spirits and refined flavors.

Legendary Weddings Of The Rich & Famous

Legendary Weddings Of The Rich & Famous

The inspiration for the wedding of a lifetime is just a click away—and Chateau Briand picks the most exclusive weddings of all time.


Five Ways To Truly Enjoy Your Wedding Day

When the planning is finished and it’s time to dive into the big day, follow these tips to make the most of your wedding.


5 Steps To Planning A Corporate Gala

Five key steps to planning a successful corporate gala include: creating an event committee, determining the event's purpose, selecting a range of potential dates, deciding the perfect venue, and outlining a timeline.


Popular Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Cake

Several popular alternatives to traditional wedding cake include donuts, pies, ice cream, cupcakes, cake pops, and even pancakes.