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Five Ways To Truly Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Written By Chateau Briand | 03/29/19 | 3 min read

The stress of planning a wedding is unlike most other anxieties—the mental burden lasts the entire duration of the engagement, culminating in one explosive day where you and your significant other are the center of attention and affection. Even if you are one of those super-organized couples with everything neatly detailed in a bulky spiral notebook or spreadsheet, there is almost no avoiding the blues as you creep closer to maxing out your wedding budget.

But there’s a point to all of that hard work and heartache, right? You’ve hired a wedding planner, you’re pounding the pavement checking out venues, listening to DJs and bands, tasting filet mignon and cake, and trying desperately to avoid any angst while trimming your guest list. It can be extremely difficult to enjoy that process—but remember, the wedding day itself is called “your special day” for a reason.

When you make it to the big day—and you will make it—it’s important to shed all the anguish of the months of planning, and give in to the celebratory nature of the day. The best way to do that is to embrace the fact that you and your partner are the main attraction, and guests will likely do all they can to make sure you are happy. Here are five ways you can enlist friends and family to help you enjoy the day like the royalty that you are.

Drink Delivery

After your ceremony concludes and you wait to hug and kiss the long line of attendees, it is a good idea to take the edge off with your first drink as a married couple, delivered at the Chateau Briand by your own personal wedding attendant. This not only helps to soothe your jangled nerves following the nuptials, but it is an ideal kickoff to the party atmosphere you want to cultivate. It doesn’t quite work if your ceremony takes place in a house of worship, but the wedding attendant can be make sure your drinks are ready when you arrive at the reception.

Rescue Mission

With such a long guest list, it’s likely that you’ve had to invite one or two individuals with the expressed purpose of making your parents happy. It’s fine and it’s an expected part of getting married, but that doesn’t mean you want to get cornered in a never-ending conversation with these people. Assign a friend who you can trust to execute a rescue mission should this unfortunate event occur. An ideal rescue mission friend responds swiftly to non-verbal cues, swooping in to declare that you are needed elsewhere.

Reigning In Mom

This is the ideal spot for a close family member, whether that’s a sister, brother, or close cousin. Parents in general—but mom, specifically—are super excited on their child’s wedding day. And while they mean well, it can be a bit overwhelming for the newly married couple. Whether it’s constantly reminding you to say hello to aunt and uncle so-and-so or making nit-picky comments about your carving station choices or song playlist, an overbearing parent is not what you need to deal with. A close member of the family should step in immediately to address this situation with tact, caring, and a delicate touch.

Tracking Your Groom

This one is for the bride in particular. Chances are, your newly minted husband will be surrounded by many childhood friends and family members that one could categorize as “bad influences.” These well-meaning dudes sometimes keep the groom at the bar for too long, causing him to disappear from where he should be—with you on the dancefloor. When the bride and groom are together, constantly dancing, so is the rest of the reception attendees. Perhaps tab one of his more responsible friends with making sure he doesn’t spend too much time imbibing at the bar.

Emergency Supplies

There’s always a possibility for a terrible wardrobe, makeup, or hair malfunction at a wedding. In those unwanted moments, it’s imperative to have a close friend with a small clutch full of baby pins, bobby pins, mascara, tissues, and a mirror. A bridal attendant is often the person charged with these responsibilities, but any good friend can become a bridal attendant in a pinch. Be sure to choose one of your more resourceful friends for this task—he or she might need to revamp your wedding dress or fix your makeup on the spot using only a handful or toiletries.