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What Should Guests Wear To Your Late-Summer Wedding

Written By Chateau Briand | 07/12/19 | 3 min read

You’ve already picked out your late-summer wedding dress, so all is well on that front. But as a bride, you don’t typically have any control over what your guests are wearing—outside of a vague description of a dress code.

And for some brides, this can be downright nerve wracking. If you’re the type of bride that has a set picture in your mind of what your wedding should look like, you probably have a good idea of what you want your guests to wear. Meanwhile, some of your guests will likely be at a loss as to what to wear, even if you provide the fashion parameters well in advance. 

If you know a particular family or friend has no clue what to wear, you can politely send them ideas on what to wear by saying something like, “I was just in the store and saw this on sale and I think it would look great on you for the wedding.” Or you can reach out and ask, “Do you know what you’re wearing yet? Can I help with anything?” 

With that in mind, here are some fashionable suggestions for late-summer weddings that brides can make to any guests they feel might show up to their big day in less-than appropriate attire. 


  • Little Black Dress

    Of course you don’t want your guests dressed like they are attending a funeral, but the infamous “little black dress” is always a classy number. Short, black cocktail dresses with some interesting beadwork or a fun design can be a dynamic and sexy—but not too sexy—option for your female guests. The addition of accessories like elegant jewelry can easily elevate this look from club hopping to wedding hobnobbing. 
  • Floral Prints

    When it comes to weddings, flowers are usually everywhere. From the moment your guests see you walking down the aisle to the final moments of recessional, bouquets, floral arrangements, and other blooms are often dotted throughout the day. Floral-print dresses are great for every season, but especially late summer when nature is lush and in its full glory. Suggest your guests choose an outfit that is lightweight with bold prints and maybe even incorporate flowers into jewelry or hair accents. 
  • A Bright Suit

  • Plenty of men have trouble dressing themselves for a random Tuesday, let alone a grand wedding day. Help them out with a nudge toward a bright suit in a playful pastel color that’s fun, but not too loud or flashy. Faded pink or light blue suits can be perfect for August or early September. And this suggestion doesn’t have to be just for guys—in these days of inclusiveness, it has never been more chic for women to don a suit for a bold fashion statement. (Conversely, men should be allowed to wear dresses if they want to!)

Maxi Dress

There’s a good chance your female guests have more than a couple of lovely maxi dresses hanging in the closet, so why not utilize this ultra-versatile option? Perfect for dressing up or down, these maxi dresses can adhere to just about any wedding attire rulebook and seemingly every single summer, some fashion publication names it the “official dress of summertime.” Really, all a maxi dress needs to be wedding-ready is the right pair of shoes and a fancy hairstyle.


Vintage, Vintage, Vintage

It’s nearly impossible for a vintage-style suit or dress to be anything short of strikingly posh. The vintage look is eye-catching and graceful, with the ideal level of originality so as to not take any attention away from you and your partner as you enter into married life. You can suggest an A-line dress or a shorter, more whimsical skirt in a vintage style, depending on who’s on the receiving end of your wedding fashion advice. As for suits, old-worth fabrics like tweeds, houndstooth, and plaid are perfect for a vintage suit, with accessories like suspenders or pocket watches taking the look to its natural conclusion.