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Creative Ideas For The Best Wedding Favors

Written By Chateau Briand | 09/05/19 | 3 min read

You’ve said your “I Do’s” at your ceremony and partied your heart out on the dance floor at your reception. The wedding was an absolute hit from start to finish, chock full of love, energy, and memories you won’t soon forget. And if you did it right—and you probably did—your guests will also be hard-pressed to forget such a memorable evening. 

Oftentimes having something tangible to remember the night by can go a long way in keeping your wedding day in the thoughts of all your family and friends you shared in the joyous occasion. This is where wedding favors come in. When the time comes for the ultimate ending to your perfect day, sending your guests home with a meaningful, creative, and unique wedding favor can be the ultimate cap to an unforgettable event. 

But what makes for a perfectly fun, yet symbolic, wedding favor? First, you want items that your guests will actually use months or even years after your nuptials. This way, your wedding stays in the hearts and minds of the people who shared the day with you. With this in mind, steer clear of any monogrammed pieces that will unfortunately end up in the back of a guest’s hall closet. You don’t want your favors forgotten, or worse, maligned by your guests after they leave your reception. 

So what do you do? Let’s run through a few creative wedding-favor ideas that could serve to enhance your guests’ memories of your incredibly special day. 


Mini Bottles Of Wine

Encourage your guests to toast your marriage on their own by supplying them with the proper adult beverage to do so. Mini or full-sized bottles of red or white wine make a great favor, and you can even add you and your partner’s name to the wedding label in a chic design. And depending on the style, your guests can hang onto the bottle for use as a decorative vase after they consume the contents.


Scented Bundles

Fill small sacks with fragrant herbs, spices or flowers and tie it with a bow, using rustic-inspired string or something you can print you and your partner’s names and wedding date onto. Try lavender sachets for a delightfully aromatic bundle that your guests can place in their dresser drawers or linen closet. Your wedding will be associated with that pleasant aroma for weeks and months to come. 


Maple Syrup, Olive Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt, Hot Sauce

Condiments and kitchen seasonings are a particularly perfect option, as they tend to stay in a person’s possession for quite a while—especially those that boast a long shelf life. Bottles of maple syrup, olive oil or hot sauce and tiny jars of pretty pink Himalayan salt will serve as happy reminders for quite some time, while also proving useful on an almost daily basis. 


Sweets Treats

Perhaps even better than a favor your guests will keep for an extended period of time is one that they will enthusiastically eat almost immediately. Edible wedding favors are a great way to give your guests a parting snack and it’s also an opportunity for you to create a cute morsel that will make the recipient smile from ear to ear. Bite-sized chocolates are a major hit, as are full-sized candy bars. But go the creative route with wrapped s’mores, classic chocolate chip cookies, macarons, tiny cakes or teensy pies. 


  • Mood Music

  • Did you spend days or weeks building the ultimate wedding playlist? Is it filled with songs that not only get people moving, but also tells the love story of you and your partner? Then don’t relegate it to one play-through on one long day. Instead, put your wedding playlist onto a CD and hand them out at the end of your reception. You can even design a CD sleeve with your names and the wedding date for an extra, personal touch. And before you say that no one plays CDs anymore, consider for a moment how impersonal and tacky it would be to email someone a list of Mp3s for them to download.