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Fall Wedding Combos You Might Want To Steal

Written By Chateau Briand | 08/28/19 | 2 min read

So your wedding is planned for this autumn and you don’t have a color scheme set in stone! Don’t fret, there is still time to pull off nuptials that aesthetically match the time of year when you’ll say your “I Do’s” and take your first dance as a married couple. 

Wedding color schemes are about more than merely your floral arrangement or table setting. The signature hue at your wedding touches on nearly every aspect imaginable—there are wedding dress accents to consider, bridesmaid bouquets, and suit additions, not to mention wedding favors, seating charts, ceremony programs, and more.

The sheer charm of a fall wedding is simply put, alluring. Autumn colors are naturally rich and the cooler temperatures mixed with breathtaking scenery makes it an incredibly ideal time to get hitched. The fall is all about harvest time, with hues originating from the warmer end of the color wheel. Starting at earth tones and transitioning to romantic pastels, autumn is a colorful time of year when the choices are vast and glowing. 

Here are some color combinations for your wedding that will match the upcoming season!

The Power Of Purple
Once the cool weather hits, sunny hues are replaced by rich and vibrant jewel tones, especially the many shades of purple. Purple is the color of royalty and is generally flattering no matter the skin tone of anyone wearing it or in a picture with it. There are dark shades like concord, majestic, and tahiti, with other spots on the spectrum including violet and pale lilac. 

Pick Some Berries
Crisp fall berries are one of autumn’s greatest byproducts—and the same can be said for berry colors. These rich tones elicit a pleasantly nostalgic feel, especially hues like raspberry, cranberry, and mulberry. You can even blend in shades of dark purple with reddish undertones, like burgundy for a bit of contrast. Balance the darker berry colors with cream-colored florals.

Go Green
Green is the color of nature and while it is usually tied to spring, the emerald color palette can be a pleasing choice for an autumn wedding. Outdoorsy, yet refined, green can be especially seasonally appropriate just before the fall foliage begins to take hold. If you worry about everything looking like it came from the Girl Scouts, add some sage green to the mix for a soothing injection of gray. 

Something Blue
Again, maybe not classically tied to autumn, light and dark shades of blue, with a touch of metallic notes, can add some balance to the overall ambiance. Start with a dark navy in order to steer clear of summery sky blues that could throw your color scheme for a loop. As a complementary color, try a dash of gold or ivory for a well-rounded array of associated colors. 

It’s Harvest Time
And finally, when you think of autumn, chances are you instantly imagine falling leaves, decorative pumpkins and gourds, caramel apples, pumpkin pie—why not look to these classic visuals for inspiration? Burnt sienna, ivory, and autumn orange, and more all weave seamlessly together in the fall color palette, while the decorative options in this color category are numerous.