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Television's Very Best Wedding Episodes

Written By Chateau Briand | 08/14/19 | 3 min read

While wedding-themed movies have their own set of charms, entertainment doesn’t get much better than watching as two beloved television characters finally tie the knot after years of agonizing over the classic scenario of “will they, won’t they.”

Thanks to streaming services, you can relive that small-screen magic as you frantically plan your own nuptials. Television is the perfect medium for escapism—with countless episodes across multiple programs, you can sit and binge watch for hours or days on end as you contemplate you and your partner’s future as a married couple. These wedding episodes can serve as inspiration, but perhaps more importantly, they can provide some crucial stress relief in the run-up to your own wedding day.

Here’s some of the best television wedding episodes to watch as you write out your guest list, craft your wedding favors or just veg out.

Jim and Pam, The Office
It’s no surprise the show that defined the mid 2000s produced the relationship that arguably defined television courtship. We all watched as Jim and Pam’s workplace puppy love transitioned to unrequited love (on both sides) and eventually to a secret ceremony aboard the Maid Of The Mist at Niagara Falls while Michael Scott and the rest of the Dunder Mifflin crew waited at the church. And when Jim and Pam finally do show up to the official ceremony, they commence one of the more famous “walk down the aisle” scenes in recent memory.

  • Monica and Chandler, Friends
  • One of the weddings on Friends that didn’t end in total disaster (I, Ross, take thee...Rachel? Come on, Ross!), the union of Monica and Chandler was especially satisfying given the fact that their relationship grew organically from a platonic friendship. For years during the show’s run, Monica was merely the sister of Chandler’s best friend, until a trip to London (the site of Ross’ matrimony massacre) changed everything and set up the sitcom for perhaps its funniest storyline—the one(s) where Joey is forced to hide his knowledge of their relationship. 
  • Ben and Leslie, Parks and Recreation
  • April and Andy, Parks and Recreation
  • This television show gets two weddings on this list because it is just too hard to decide between them. On one hand, you have Ben and Leslie—a mismatched pair whose initial mutual dislike for one another blossomed into a loving and respectful relationship, capped by a wedding that featured Ron Swanson walking Leslie down the aisle. Then, on the other hand, there’s April and Andy—a pair so perfect for each other that the show wasted no time in having them tie the knot after they got together. And it was a surprise wedding, with the quirky couple ambushing the guests of their “fancy dinner party” with nuptials. 
  • Cam and Mitchell, Modern Family
  • It took until the end of the fifth season for Cam and Mitchell to get married, but when they do, the payoff was extremely satisfying. Setting aside for a moment the fact that a televised wedding featuring a same-sex couple was immensely important, the wedding itself triumphed over a set of Modern Family-esque disasters. It all worked out in the end as Jay proudly walks Mitchell down the aisle, Phil officiates the wedding, and Claire delivers a heartfelt speech as best man. 
  • Jesse and Becky, Full House
  • Never mind the series’ latter-day episodes on Fuller House (and Aunt Becky’s recent legal troubles), the marriage of Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse on Full House stands as the quintessential schmaltzy wedding episode of the 1990s. As per usual, nothing goes according to plan and all is forgiven at the end. But what audiences really went wild for was John Stamos crooning a love song at the end. Have mercy, indeed. 
  • Honorable Mentions
  • Cory and Topanga, Boy Meets World
  • David and Donna, Beverly Hills, 90210
  • Steve and Miranda, Sex and the City
  • Phoebe and Mike, Friends
  • Carol and Susan, Friends
  • Dwight and Angela, The Office
  • Jack and Rebecca, This Is Us
  • Luke and Laura, General Hospital
  • Callie and Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy
  • The Red Wedding, Game of Thrones…Just kidding.