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Chateau Briand Is Sweet On Wedding Desserts

Written By Chateau Briand | 06/05/19 | 3 min read

While some people insist that they prefer savory food to dessert treats, by the end of a wedding reception we all have a sweet tooth.

And if your Long Island wedding is taking place at Chateau Briand, you’re in luck. The venerable catering hall’s expertise in cuisine extends well beyond cocktail hour and reception, with a confectionary effort that would make Betty Crocker’s head spin. Prepared by award-winning chefs, desserts at the Chateau Briand amount to edible works of art that present the ideal close to a special night.

  • Dessert Trio

  • While guests are dancing off their dinner and drinks, the Chateau Briand staff delivers platters of classic desserts consisting of three treats previously chosen by the hosts. Your choice of three desserts come from a list that includes nine of the most crowd-pleasing goodies like pastries and more.
  • sometimes it’s the simple pleasures that make for truly great desserts.

The array of sweet treats begins with cheesecake lollipops dipped in chocolate, for a bite that is smooth and decadent. Another playful option are s’mores bars, which feature layers of chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers in an indulgence that is reminiscent of childhood by the fireside. Another example of youthful reinvention is the peanut butter cup, which cleverly mimics the store-bought candy for a refined morsel of peanut butter mousse-filled chocolate.

From there, the choices become tried-and-true favorites that your family and friends would love to see at your wedding. First, the Italian standard cannoli—these little tubes have found their way into thousands of Long Island weddings over the years. Chateau Briand’s creations follow the time-honored recipe, with fried pastry dough shells filled with sweet, homemade cream. Then there’s another Italian specialty, panna cotta, featuring vanilla custard topped with seasonal berries.

Meanwhile, sometimes it’s the simple pleasures that make for truly great desserts. With this in mind, Chateau Briand offers homemade brownie wedges, drizzled with rich chocolate, and chocolate-dipped strawberries, with the fresh, juicy fruit dipped in milk chocolate.

And finally, Chateau Briand’s last two options include a brightly nuanced mini lemon meringue tart, along with the refreshingly smooth raspberry mousse parfait.

  • Wedding Cake

  • When the occasion is special, the cake better be too. Chateau Briand’s professionally prepared centerpiece confection consists of three components: cake, filling, and frosting. It’s in these three categories that the host can choose from a menu of ingredients.

Starting with the cake style, you can decide between rich chocolate devil’s food, a vanilla and chocolate swirled marble sponge, and a buttery yellow sponge. All three act as a light, yet robust foundation for your sweet centerpiece.

Next, it’s time to choose your cake’s filling. There pudding (chocolate, vanilla, lemon), mousse (chocolate, white chocolate, cappuccino, hazelnut, raspberry), cream and custard (French custard, cannoli cream), seasonal fruit (fresh strawberries, fresh raspberries), and fruit (pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, banana, black forest).

Lastly, frosting for your sweet masterpiece includes either fresh whipped cream or butter cream.

  • Dessert Enhancements

  • an evening at a Long Island wedding wouldn’t be complete without assorted individual Marino’s Italian Ices.
  • When the minimum number of sweet treats just isn’t enough, take a look at Chateau Briand’s dessert enhancement menu. These add-on options hold the potential to take your dessert from a mere final step of your reception, to a dramatic close of an unforgettable event. Chief among the enhancements are the Viennese tables and trays. These feature a magnificent array of homemade Italian pastries, chocolate dipped fruit, puddings and mousses, French butter cookies, cakes, pies, tarts, chocolate fountain, ice cream sundae bar, waffle station and hand carved exotic fruits, either set at a central table or delivered to each guest table.

But if you want your guests to pop out of their heads at the mere sight of a dessert, you should definitely go for the chocolate fountain enhancement. Here, warm gourmet Belgian chocolate cascades off multiple tiers as guests dip skewered delights like strawberries, pineapple, marshmallows, pretzels, Oreos, graham crackers, and cookies.

The next few enhancements feature treats that will please anyone who prefers desserts be freezing cold. There’s a sundae bar, complete with ice cream and assorted toppings; a gelato bar, with two flavors of gelato served in bowls or sugar cones; and the Good Humor exit station, with individually wrapped favorites like Chocolate Eclair, Strawberry Shortcake, and Toasted Almond. And an evening at a Long Island wedding wouldn’t be complete without assorted individual Marino’s Italian Ices.

  • Coffee, Tea, And More

  • Make sure your guests get the jolt they need before they leave with traditional coffee and tea service. Go the extra mile with and international espresso, cappuccino, and cordial bar, which features freshly ground beans, brewed and steamed to order, accompanied by a complete selection of premium cordials and brandies served with chocolate cordial cups.