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A Summer Wedding That Shines Bright Like A Diamond

Written By Chateau Briand | 05/16/19 | 4 min read

The tradition of the “June bride” has more to do with flowers masking certain unpleasant odors during Victorian times than the advantages of getting married during the sixth month of the year. Even still, the common misconception that June is the most popular month to hold a wedding has sustained—even with plenty of statistical evidence to the contrary, specifically naming October as the most common marital month.

But perhaps one of the reasons for the mislabeling of June as a wedding month is that people simply want it to be true. For starters, June is the month when summer finally arrives. What’s more, June is the month with what is arguably the finest weather of the entire calendar year. Blue skies rule the days, while the nights are comfortable without the oppressive heat of July and August. With those factors in mind, and the chirping of birds and blossoming of flowers in sight, it’s easy to understand how June constantly finds its way into the wedding conversation.

the weather on our island is especially gorgeous during the weeks following Memorial Day.

But there is nothing empirically wrong with June as a wedding month. In fact, those factors and more do indeed make June a great month for nuptials—particularly if you are staging a Long Island wedding, as the weather on our island is especially gorgeous during the weeks following Memorial Day.

While the Chateau Briand provides the same elegantly elevated service no matter where on the calendar your special day lands, modern June brides can walk down the aisle confident the wedding pros will provide a beautiful day.

And to get the most of our their Long Island wedding in June, brides should consider these important details, all of which can easily be injected with a dose of summertime sunshine.

  • Floral Arrangements

  • From lavender to daisies, hydrangeas to chrysanthemums, and peonies to roses, there are so many flourishing summer flowers to choose from for your June wedding. No matter which bloom you choose, it should be strong enough to stand up to the summer heat. You don’t want your flowers wilting if the humidity rolls in. The Chateau Briand works with a number of flower decor specialists, each with knowledgeable team members who will make sure your bouquets, centerpieces, accents, and more are perfectly designed.
  • Open-Air Photos

  • Outdoor photos always provide stunning portraits of the newly married couple no matter what time of year it is, but in the summertime that beauty is amplified. Whether a splendid sunset or some other wonderful vista, a photographer with a keen eye can capture it all in their lens. Besides its on-premise photo studios, the Chateau Briand also has an exotic outdoor Garden Oasis that can be the setting for truly breathtaking photos. And Chateau Briand’s photography vendors have the skills to achieve your vision—whether that’s in a vintage convertible car or horse and buggy, the point is, anyone who gets married in June should take advantage of brilliant outdoors.
  • Beachy Wedding Bags

  • If you choose to give your guests welcome bags, the summer aesthetic presents some fantastic opportunities for a number of items. Even if your wedding isn’t being held on a beach, you can gift for guests beach-themed items like sunglasses, sunscreen, flip flops, lip balm, fans, and various nautical-themed knick knacks like bottle openers, decks of cards, and candy tins.
  • Refreshing Cocktails

  • When the sun is beating down outside, you’ll want to keep your guests cool on the inside. But summer cocktails are about more than fighting against the rising mercury, they also contribute to the overall summertime atmosphere of the entire affair. Whether it’s a Mojito, Moscow Mule, or Piña Colada, these high spirits are guaranteed to put your guests in the partying mood. But your nonalcoholic guests don’t need to be left out of the fun, as there are plenty of refreshing wedding mocktails for them that go well beyond water and soda.
  • Colorful Attire

  • To say each season has its own fashion theme would be an understatement. Anyone who follows fashion knows that the world of what to wear is constantly changing, especially in the realm of weddings. And the summer of 2019 is no different—this year, the dress fashionistas will be wearing everything from caped gowns to flirty minidresses and everything in between. For men, the emphasis should be to avoid sweat stains at all costs, and this means lightweight suits that won’t roast you from the inside out.