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Finding The Outfit That Best Suits Your Groom

Written By Chateau Briand | 05/29/19 | 2 min read

While he will never look as striking as his bride during the wedding, the groom should appear as stylish as possible on the day he becomes a husband.

But even before the groom can think about style, he has to consider what is the appropriate attire for a Long Island wedding. To figure that out, one needs to take into account many factors: What time of year is the wedding? Is the wedding taking place during the day? Outdoors? Or is the ceremony in a church and the reception in a Long Island catering hall? And finally, will the wedding be an extravagantly formal affair? And it’s not only the groom that might be a tad lost when it comes to what to wear—all men in attendance should familiarize themselves with the specifics of the dress code.

No matter what the general population is wearing, the groom’s best bet is to follow the strict instructions of his bride-to-be. With those finer details in mind, here are a handful of wedding styles and how the groom should dress to match each one.


The traditional wedding at a catering hall or other event venue usually follows conventional attire standards. If the wedding is an evening affair in a ballroom or in a fancy hotel, wear a well-tailored dark suit or a tux. Dark suits and tuxedos will likely never go out of style, and the classy choice carries with it an aura of formality, from the ceremony to the photo session to the reception. And if simple black is too, well, simple, there are modern variations with lighter fabrics and colors, such as navy blue.

No matter what the general population is wearing, the groom’s best bet is to follow the strict instructions of his bride-to-be. 

Casual Suit/Jacket

A wedding that is geared toward a more casual and comfortable vibe calls for linen or cotton suits, especially if the nuptials are taking place during the summer months. The same casual atmosphere can be achieved during the winter with a wool jacket and trousers. No matter the season, an informal, easy-going ensemble keeps the affair light, relaxed, and somewhat off the cuff—which might sound like a nightmare to some brides and music to the ears of others who welcome the chance to dial down the intensity. Meanwhile, a casual suit/jacket combination looks great with a bow tie.

Modern Suit

Of course, the groom’s ability to pull off a contemporary, slim-fit suit depends on the man’s build, but when it works it can be a dynamic fashion statement. This fashionable ensemble consists of simple elements that come together for a smart, trendy look. Two- or three-piece suits with a jacket or a vest—or both—give the groom a chance to stand out from the crowd without taking any attention away from his bride. As an added bonus, these suits are easily accessorized with a colorful tie or bow tie.

Evening Tail Suit

With its long tailcoat, this style is the absolute height of formal wear and is usually reserved for the super elite in movies or at the Met Gala. The most formal option features that signature tailcoat, worn open, with a pair of black trousers, white shirt, detachable collar, bow tie, waistcoat, and patent leather shoes. More closely associated with the Batman villain The Penguin than a groom at a Long Island wedding, the evening tail suit would certainly be a bold fashion statement.