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Why You Need A Wedding Website

Written By Chateau Briand | 08/21/19 | 3 min read

If it seems like you spend nearly every waking moment of your life connected to the Internet, that’s probably because you do. According to recent research, time spent online every week by the average American has risen from about 9 hours to close to 24 hours since the turn of the century.

And that makes sense, as most aspects of our lives now has an online component. We shop online, make friends online, connect with family online, and even fall in love online. The Internet has become so tied into the fabric of our everyday lives that leaving the house without our smartphones feels completely unnatural to most of us. 

With this in mind, it’s conceivable that most people we know have constant access to their emails, favorite websites, and the Internet in general. And when that’s the case, creating your own wedding website is a no-brainer. 

But it’s more than merely a matter of “everyone’s doing it, so I should too.” There are practical reasons and real-world applications for a website dedicated to your approaching nuptials. Here’s some of the top reasons why you stop considering whether or not to have a wedding website and start designing one.

Easy Access To Your Registry
Sure, you can put the registry information on your save the date or wedding invitation (though that’s still a bit frowned upon), but having a website enables you to provide a link directly to the registry for your guests’ convenience. You can place a link to your wedding website directly onto the save the dates—and the link can be easily emailed or messaged to any potential guests that have a habit of misplacing anything that’s mailed out to them. 

  • Directions and/or Lodging
  • All of the essential logistics should be easily accessible online at all times, and there is no better home for this crucial information than on your wedding website. Whether it’s directions to the Long Island wedding venue, transportation options for anyone who wants to leave their car at home or lodging information if you’ve decided to block out rooms at a local hotel for your guests, it can all be included on your wedding website. 

Miscellaneous Announcements
Your wedding website is a great option for the bits and pieces of information you feel are important to your guests, but you know won’t fit onto your wedding invitations. If your wedding is an adults-only affair and you feel weird about saying so on your invitation, your website is the ideal spot. This is also the spot to mention that yes, children are invited, and you will be providing a babysitter or other accommodations the parents. Your wedding’s dress code details should also find a home on your website. Chances are your invitations will have a brief mention of suitable attire, but your wedding website will give you the chance to elaborate and be specific about “semi cocktail appropriate,” “boho-chic,” “dressy casual,” “daytime semiformal,” etc. 

The Story Of Your Relationship
Your wedding website can serve as a marvelous platform for the story of your love—how you and your partner met, how you fell in love, and the story of your engagement. As sweet as these details are, there just is not enough room on your invitations to truly go in depth. Also, a wedding website allows the opportunity for you to upload your cutest couple photos to tell the full story about how excited you are to spend the rest of your lives together. 

The Wedding Party Roster
Your bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, siblings, and other wedding-day VIPs should get a mention on the wedding website. You can share details about these individuals or simply provide a list of your wedding-party participants—think of it as a virtual wedding ceremony program.