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The emotional throes of planning a wedding vary depending entirely on who is doing the planning. For some, the wedding planning process is nothing but pleasantness and sunshine—everything falls into place and a dream wedding is on the horizon.

For others, the efforts to plan a dream wedding can quickly devolve into a nightmare. And the main reason for a less-than-ideal experience from the start of planning a wedding to the wedding day itself is, in general, a lack of organization and a flimsy strategy. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The great thing about Long Island weddings is that there have been plenty that went off without a hitch. This means that not only is it possible to plan and accomplish the wedding of your dreams, but there are lots of examples you can look to and learn from.

The wedding experts at the Chateau Briand have been tirelessly working to gather all of our knowledge about nuptials into one easy to navigate collection. From how to start a wedding budget to what on earth to wear to figuring out what to feed your guests and how to cope with the stress of it all from the very first moment of wedding planning—take the plunge with us into wedded bliss!


First Of All, Happy Engagement

You’re engaged! And in celebration of this monumental occasion, you definitely want to take to social media to alert all of your friends and family and acquaintances to the coming nuptials. Sharing your engagement on social media not only notifies everyone that you’ve decided to marry the love of your life, but it’s also a surefire way to spark a major boost in “likes” across your social media platforms.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever the Internet’s flavor of the month is, social media is the most common way the world communicates. And as such, it’s also the main way we make all of life’s biggest announcements. From nuptials to a new baby to a great meal, sharing via social media is not only expected, it’s almost mandatory.

So what happens when your significant other asks for your hand in marriage? Read our report on social media etiquette you should follow when announcing your engagement.


wedding photos at Chateau Briand
wedding photos of couples at chateau briand

The Best Way To Build A Wedding Budget

Once you’ve had time to bask in the love of a fresh wedding engagement, it’s time to get down to the business of your wedding budget. Of course, the romantic expression of love is the most important aspect of any wedding, but there are some extremely pressing—yet very practical—questions that need answering before the special day arrives. And the biggest question that’s likely on your mind is, how much is this wedding going to cost?

There are many different elements that are involved in building a beautiful Long Island wedding, and each one of those elements in question come complete with an attached dollar amount. You have to consider the financial impact of the wedding venue, an on-site or off-site ceremony, the wedding reception, the guest list, a wedding dress, a hotel for your guests (if applicable), and every other detail you could possibly imagine.

And while some couples have families that help pay for certain aspects of the nuptials, newlywed studies show that isn’t the case for everyone. And even if you do have someone lending a helpful financial hand, utilizing tools like a wedding budget money tracker is still a smart way to address the monetary questions that come up when planning a wedding.

Setting up a wedding budget is important, but it shouldn’t take as much brain power as the actual wedding planning. Here’s what Chateau Briand believes you’ll need to get started and get saving for the big day.

Choosing And Tipping Wedding Vendors

Pulling off a successful wedding is no easy feat, and that’s why it takes a large cast of characters to actually make it happen. Of course, there’s you and your partner, along with good friends, close family, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and even a cousin or two that you haven’t seen in years. But beyond individuals in the wedding party and the 100-plus people on the guest list, there’s also the all-important wedding vendors contributing their time, effort, and expertise to the most incredible day of your life.

First, there’s the staff at the wedding venue—in this case, the experts at the Chateau Briand. From the personal bridal attendant and the complimentary in-house wedding planner, to the white-gloved service staff and wedding photographer, a truly glorious wedding is indeed the sum total of the collective efforts of a dedicated team of professionals.

But along with the aforementioned categories, who are the major players in a complete wedding vendor lineup working from the start of the ceremony to the end of the reception? And, perhaps most importantly for some couples, how much do you tip wedding vendors? It’s a crucial question that you’ll have to incorporate into your wedding budget. Some vendors include gratuities in their fees, while others will leave the amount of the tip up to you. This means that their level of service during the wedding ceremony, reception, and beyond can influence how much you decide to tip them.

It’s important to note that—just like at a restaurant—tipping is not mandatory. If you feel short-changed by the efforts of a vendor, don’t get trapped in feeling obligated to hand off a hefty tip! Finally, and this should go without saying, be sure to read your contracts. This will spell out in black and white if gratuity is included—and if it doesn’t say, feel free to come right out and ask if it is!

Let’s take a look at wedding vendors and how much to tip them.

wedding photos at Chateau Briand

How A Wedding Website Helps While Wedding Planning

The short answer to the wedding planner’s question of, “Should I have a wedding website,” is an emphatic “yes!” But a simple affirmative isn’t enough for everyone, so the Chateau Briand has pulled together all of the many ways a wedding website can help you during the planning process.

Weddings are responsible for happiness, love, dancing, presents—but the planning process can be responsible for information overload. Weddings have a lot going on, and not only that, but the way we get married today has changed compared to, say, 20 years ago. These days, the more inventive you can get with your wedding planning the better. Creativity goes a long way in these unique celebrations of matrimony. And as weddings are getting more creative, they are also getting more complicated.

A wedding website can help to organize all that creativity into one convenient, easy to find collection of ever-evolving plans. For example, destination weddings can be super complicated. A wedding website can help to gather all the travel info for your lucky guests. Even for couples not having a destination wedding, there still can be a lot of information that you need to get across to your guests and now with our love of social media and use of technology, a wedding website seems to me like a perfectly natural choice.

There are practical reasons and real-world applications for a website dedicated to your approaching nuptials. Check out the Chateau Briand’s top reasons why you stop considering whether or not to have a wedding website and start designing one.

Here’s How To Deal With Wedding Stress

A wedding website is great for organizing the details you’re going to need for your nuptials, but it can only do so much to relieve the unrelenting stress of actually planning a wedding. When you’re planning a wedding, chances are you’ll see more than a few sleepless nights and stress-filled days when your wedding dreams devolve into a waking nightmare. 

First of all, pump your brakes! Don’t despair—every person who has ever set out to plan a wedding has hit a stressful roadblock or two. Even wedding planning professionals admit to facing down seemingly insurmountable odds while attempting to build a dream wedding. And the sources of wedding stress are numerous—everything from the weather to problematic family members to the price of everything can all claim responsibility for the mental and physical pressure of event planning. 

According to online wedding registry, planner and retailer Zola, 96 percent of engaged and newlywed couples they surveyed found the entire wedding planning process incredibly stressful. That leaves a measly 4 percent who were likely lying because their mother-in-law was standing next to them. Indeed, everyone feels the sting of wedding stress. What’s important is avoid letting it overwhelm you to the point where you completely lose hope.


Saying ‘Yes’ To The Perfect Wedding Dress

Of course, when of the major stressors of the impending wedding day is what you’re going to be wearing when you walk down the aisle in your wedding ceremony. The pursuit of the ideal wedding dress encompasses a journey that results in what will be one of the defining elements of your wedding—so, no pressure!

The search for a wedding dress will take you to numerous department stores and bridal boutiques, where well-meaning family members and your cadre of bridesmaids will offer advice and critiques about every wedding dress you even remotely consider wearing. There will likely be some drama during your mission to say “yes” to the dress, but in away, that’s part of the fun. Wedding dress shopping can be glamorous and one of the fanciest shopping excursions of your  entire life—as long as you go into it with not only a great attitude, but also an idea of what you want to wear and what kind of dress works for your body type. 

Sources that seek to assist you on your search offer a wealth of information about the different cuts of wedding dresses out there. Along with a particularly helpful wedding dress quiz from David’s Bridal, the Chateau Briand decided it would be best to break down the vast array of dresses in order to help with your final decision.

Don’t Forget About Wedding Favors

With so many tasks to remember during your wedding planning, one of the smaller elements that can fall through the cracks is wedding favors. These small tokens of appreciation are often the main piece of physical remembrance that your guests bring home from the wedding day. When the time comes for the ultimate ending to your perfect day, sending your guests home with a meaningful, creative, and unique wedding favor can be the ultimate cap to an unforgettable event. 

As for what makes fun and symbolic wedding favor, generally you want it to be something that your guests will actually use after the nuptials. This keeps your wedding day fresh in their hearts and minds long after you say “I do.” This means you should steer clear of items that boast you and your partner’s initials—unless it’s on a bottle of wine, as most guests will be totally fine with your initials on a wine bottle!

So what are some good ideas for creative wedding favors? The Chateau Briand has some ideas that could ensure your guests don’t soon forget about your special day!


Leave It All On The Wedding Dancefloor

A wedding DJ is more than merely a guy or girl playing music for a bunch of people at a fancy party. Instead, they are a master of ceremonies, captain of the party ship, and arbiter of good times—and, along with the food, the deciding factor in a wedding reception’s overall success.

Chateau Briand has preferred vendors for a number of categories that it recommends to customers, including entertainment. All delivering professionalism, cutting-edge technology, and, most importantly, the knowledge of how to build a playlist that lures people onto the dance floor, but also gets them to their seats when it’s time to eat.

Building the ultimate wedding playlist is an art—it features highs and lows, explosions of excitement and quiet moments of reverence, while also touching on music from different ecades across all genres and styles.

Here’s some of the most popular wedding reception songs, arranged by decade, as compiled by the Chateau Briand.

Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy With Gourmet Food

When comes to wedding food, you want your guests to remember what they ate at your wedding six months or even six years from now. The cuisine that’s served on your big day—from the cocktail hour to the main course—all serves to delight guests while also feeding to the larger party atmosphere. So, it’s crucial to get it right!

Luckily, you’ve chosen the Chateau Briand as your wedding venue and event catering hall. Having a wedding venue that serves top-notch, award-winning cuisine is a stress relief, giving you the time and energy you need to focus on other wedding elements. 

A lot of planning goes into choosing a truly inspired menu, as there are so many variables to consider. The key to a crowd-pleasing food spread at any wedding is, of course, variety. Weddings are often full of indulgences for guests and newlywed couples, so presenting a vast array of savory options not only ensures that everyone finds a bite they like, but also encourages displays of eating so extravagant your event will resemble that of a royal wedding.

A quick scroll through the Chateau Briand’s menus, and it’s clear the talented on-site catering team can achieve a memorable food event that will leave even the most refined of foodie guests excited by the sheer variety and culinary professionalism. We’re not taking boring chicken and also-ran steak—this is award-winning cuisine prepared by gourmet-trained chefs.

Join us as we cut into the Chateau Briand’s wedding menu and see what delicious offerings are in store for you and your guests.


Marinating in rich accolades from such institutions as The American Culinary Federation, Chefs de Cuisine Association of America, New York Guild of Chefs, and Société Culinaire Philanthropique, Chateau Briand chefs are adept masters of timeless classics, cultural favorites, and cutting-edge cuisine.

Don’t Forget About Wedding Desserts

The Chateau Briand’s rich history of hosting couples as they enter the world of marital bliss includes feeding them and their guests a decadent collection of fantastic desserts. The food professionals at the Chateau Briand are experts in culinary confections—this, of course, means delectable cakes, but also other tiers of unforgettable dessert items and menu enhancements that ensure an eclectic collection of sweet treats.

As an event venue and catering hall that’s hosted thousands of weddings, the Chateau Briand’s expertise in cuisine extends well beyond the cocktail hour, with award-winning chefs preparing desserts that are veritable works of art.